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Shop the selection of baby girls’ t-shirts and tops at Children’s Wardrobe today. With a premium range from much-loved designers, classic elegance and delicacy is provided for the smallest of style icons. Fusing ultimate comfort with luxury design, a t-shirt or top from the collection at Children’s Wardrobe will be a cherished design to welcome your baby girl into the world of fashion. 

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All Over Logo T-ShirtSizes AvailableAge 2Age 33-6months6-9months9-12months

Moschino All Over Logo T-Shirt


Rainbow Batwing Logo T-ShirtSizes Available3 Months9 Months50% Off

Levi's Kids Rainbow Batwing Logo T-Shirt


Moschino T-ShirtSizes Available9-12months50% Off

Moschino Moschino T-Shirt


Iconic Tiger Long Sleeved T-ShirtSizes Available12 Months18 Months50% Off

Kenzo Kids Iconic Tiger Long Sleeved T-Shirt


Graphic Logo T-ShirtSizes AvailableAge 36-9months9-12months12-18 Months

Moncler Enfant Graphic Logo T-Shirt


Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-ShirtSizes AvailableAge 2Age 39-12months12-18 Months18-24 Months

Moncler Enfant Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-Shirt


From Kenzo and Moschino to Polo Ralph Lauren, popping motifs are showcased within a muted colour palette. With the polo bear mascot, the iconic tiger and the toy bear, let your little one reveal classic and recognisable style as these creative designs are wardrobe must-haves. Style with some trousers or a skirt. 

Shop the collection today at Children’s Wardrobe. We also offer a selection of t-shirts and tops for older girls that may be of interest to you. Shop with international shipping available.